Frequently Asked Catering Questions

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Los Gringos Locos has been catering parties for twenty years in La Canada, Flintridge, La Crescenta and all over Los Angeles. Customers always have a lot of questions and we have compiled a list of the top questions you will to want to ask when booking a caterer for your event.

Set – Up Questions

At the Party

After the Party

Booking your Party


Set Up

Do you need Power?
We do not need any power for our Taco Carts.


Do you need a water supply?
We bring our own water.

How much time do you need to set up?
Our staff will arrive 1 hour before service time to set up and have the chips and salsa ready for your guests.
When do you arrive?
1 hour before your desired food service time.
What about getting the equipment in the yard?
Our equipment can go thru standard gates. If there are tight corners or steps please let us know.
Food prepared on site or in the restaurant kitchen?
All our food is cooked on site on our taco carts.
Food quality?
We use only the highest quality meats and ingredients.

At the Party
How much time do you need overall?
We’ll be on site for about 3.5 hours. 1 hour to set up and cook, 1.5 to serve and about 1 hour to clean up. We have found that 1.5 hours of service time is plenty for most parties.
What if I need more time?
No problem, if it’s a “long time” extra there may be an extra charge.
Drinks included?
Soft drinks are included. Canned coke products and bottled water
What about Special dietary needs or allergies?
Just let us know. We can usually accommodate it.

After Service
Do you clean up?
Once the service time is over, our staff cleans up the party and our area.
What if people are late?
Sometimes people arrive late for different reason, when this happens we can stay later or can prepare a couple plates for them to have when they arrive.
Are there leftovers?
Generally not because we cook everything on site.

Booking Your Party
How far ahead should I book?
As far as you can. Some weekends are booked weeks in advance, others not. We’ll try to accommodate you no matter when you call.
What information do you need for booking?
Contact Name, party address, phone, email, desired food service time, now many people and a credit card once you decide to book.
Are you Insured?
Yes. If you need certifications, we can provide them. Including additional insured documents.
Can we upgrade and get desserts?
Yes! If you want dessert, be sure to ask about our churros with Mexican chocolate and cajete. DELICIOUS.
Can we get appetizers?
Yes absolutely! If you want appetizers, be sure to ask about our appetizer comal.
What about alcohol?
We are licensed to bring and serve alcohol. Our Margaritas by the gallon are FANTASTIC!!!
What about tents/ bad weather?
If there is bad weather, we can still cook and serve.We have tents for our service area.
Any hidden charges?
No hidden charges at all. What you see on the proposal is what you pay.
Do I need special permits?
Usually not. If the party is at a park or other location they will let you know what is required.
Do you rent tables.. etc?
We provide all the equipment we need for our service but NOT tables and chairs for your guests. We can recommend a rental company if you need.

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