History of Los Gringos Locos


The picture above is where this taco adventure began back in 1972 in Boise, Idaho. My Dad opened Poco a Poco and started a family tradition of making and serving fine Mexican food. But that was then, and now Poco a Poco in Boise, Idaho is now Los Gringos Locos in La Canada.  We have carried the taco torch into the 21st century and ended up at 631 Foothill drive. Who would have thought that a couple gringos brothers from Idaho making and serving Mexican food in La Canada would work?  Well it has and these crazy gringos thank you so much for supporting the restaurant for nearly a generation.  If you have ever eaten at the restaurant then you are a part of the Los Gringos Locos legacy. Wishing you the best and may the tacos be with you.

631 Foothill Boulevard La Canada 91011                Take out Hotline (818) 790-2696