2021 was a very busy year for us at the restaurant. Between dealing with ever changing restrictions and trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together,  we have been working flat out.
So as we focussed on the safety of the customers and doing our best to keep it interesting, out of the blue we received a wonderful notification.
We were awarded a prestigious listing on the top restaurants for all of the United States. Number 14 for the whole country in the Everyday Eats Category.
Our first response was that it wasn’t real.
Then after verifying the link we were humbled in a heartbeat.
We weren’t trying to make it on any list...
we just wanted to keep to our core message;

Happy Guests

So thanks to all of our customers who took the time
to write a little note to Trip Adviser on our behalf.
Thank you to all the staff that have been working without complaint through this never-ending pandemic.

We are humbled

We are grateful

We made it to number 14

Woo hoo!

We picked out a couple of our favorite comments,
or you can go to Trip Adviser to check it our for yourself.