Proper air filtration is the first line of defense against the circulation of microbes within the HVAC system. We have two additional filtration systems at Los Gringos.


The Merv-13 Filter and UV Light Filters are very effective at killing viruses, mold, and bacteria. The two working together make the restaurant a much healthier place. Besides, we serve delicious food, why not have delicious air?


This is what the filters are doing to clean the air your breathe,
every time you come to visit your favorite Mexican Restaurant.

MERV-13 Filter

Removes Pollen, Dust lint, Dust mites, mold, spores, Legionella, Bacteria


Danger Dust is Filtered Out
Lead Dust

Humidifier Dust (we did not know this was a source of dust)

Coal Dust (for all those Coal Mines in the neighborhood)

Nebulizer Dust

Cement Dust

Sanding Dust

 Insecticide Dust

Regular Dust Dust

Merv 13 Also Filters

Tobacco smoke, Textile/carpet fibers, Copier toner,
Pet dander, Face powder ,
Auto fumes
(no one should drive in the restaurant but if someone does)

and the dreaded Sneeze Nuclei!


UV light filters disinfect the air by killing bacteria, viruses and germs. As well UV Light controls mold, allergens and removes Volatile Organic Compounds.