Gringoing for 25 years

That means a lot  of AMAZING stories.

All summer long we'll be giving a $100 Gringos gift card each week to the best Great Moment at Gringos that we receive. (And each week the 1st runner up will get a $20 gift card to Gringos.)


It has been 25 delicious delectable years of Margarita Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, Tableside Guacamole, take out, dine in, catering, back alley BBQ's, World Famous Taco Carts, parades, meals with family, meals with friends, special occasions, celebrations and traditions at Los Gringos Locos.


We’ve had so many great experiences being involved in your lives and serving the community – thank you for the memories!   Over the years many of you have shared wonderful stories about the experiences you had with your family at Gringos, with our staff and celebrating in the restaurant or at a catered event.  We want to save these and create a history of Great Moments at Gringos.

Tell us YOUR Great Moments at Gringos and maybe YOUR great moment will get you $100.

What is your Gringo Moment?

All Summer Long

Each week of this all summer-long celebration will feature things YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS; special off-the-hook deals, your favorite, retired menu items brought back to life and celebrations of all things Los Gringos that you love. Make sure you are a Gringos Reward member to stay current of all our happenings and events this summer as we celebrate 25 Years of Gringos.